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Drab & Outdated Bathrooms ARE SO Twenty Years Ago

If you have a bathroom with an obvious eyesore in the room, updating it has never been simpler! Gone are the days when updating your bathroom would be terribly inconvenient and take weeks and weeks to complete. Here at the Bath Planet, we extremely proud of our reputation as one … Continue reading

Our Shower Remodeling will Transform your Drab Shower into a SENSATIONAL RETREAT

So many people are afraid to do any type of work to their bathrooms! There is this fear that if they start any remodeling project (in the bathroom) that it’s going to take weeks and weeks to complete and be terribly inconvenient! Because of this thinking, so many homeowners “settle” … Continue reading

TRANSFORM your Bathroom from Blah to SENSATIONAL–Quickly & Affordably

There are so many bathroom remodeling ideas that can transform your bathroom from drab to absolutely sensational, quickly and affordably. When you start a bathroom remodeling project, the first thing you need to determine is what it is that you want to change. Will new faucets and fixtures be enough … Continue reading

Regain your Bathing Independence: Safely, Affordably & with Dignity

Not too many things are as relaxing as a nice warm bath. It’s just a great way to de-stress and gain a sense of calmness. Not only does a relaxing bath help us feel good, numerous studies show that bathing is actually good for us. Unfortunately, relaxing in a bathtub … Continue reading

Our Replacement Bathtubs will Solve your Bathroom Problems in ONE DAY

So many homeowners I know spend their time, money and energy remodeling every square inch of their homes EXCEPT their bathroom(s). So why are so many homeowners terrified of doing any kind of improvements in the bathroom? The fear that many people have is that if they do any type … Continue reading

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