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Bath Planet Bathroom Remodeling

Bath Planet is the culmination of many years of preparation, learning and experience around bathroom remodeling. We’ve brought together the best minds in the industry around all elements of bathroom remodeling, including top tier manufacturing, install, design and customer service, and have combined them to create the world’s best value in bathroom remodeling. At Bath Planet, we strive to shatter the stereotype that remodeling has to be a negative experience. Repairing or improving your home should be an exciting time; and it can be, with the right partner, one who is committed to treating you right. In fact, we have put this in writing in the
Bath Planet Guarantee.

We have worked with and surveyed tens of thousands of individuals and families who have completed a bathroom remodel in order to learn to provide the very best remodeling experience available today. So, what exactly is the planet’s best remodeling experience?

First, we listen.

Our approach to bathroom remodeling starts with gaining a clear understanding of what you, our customer, want to accomplish in your bathroom. The very first conversation you have with a Bath Planet employee should be a conversation about your priorities for this remodel. Every employee is trained to listen carefully and respectfully first, and share information second.

Second, we care

Making your bathroom a safe, clean, pleasant sanctuary is job #1. Some companies talk about caring, but we actually guarantee our service levels. We take pride in every customer experience, and every employee at Bath Planet is responsible for every customer interaction. For many years, we’ve been training our office staff, consultants, installers and marketers to make sure every action they take will lead to a positive customer interaction. We get it right almost every time, and if we make a mistake, we correct it. From our top executives to every employee, we are dedicated to you, our customer.

Third, we know

In thousands of bathrooms from coast to coast and border to border, we’ve seen every imaginable (and some unimaginable) bathrooms. No matter what your current bathroom looks like, no matter when your home was built, and no matter what needs to be done in the bathroom, we know how to do it. But we know that remodeling is more than plumbing connectors and waterproof walls. It is really about knowing how to listen to you, design to meet your needs, recognize and solve problems specific to your remodel, and finish the job to your satisfaction. It is 360 degrees of service, from every part of our company to every inch of your bathroom.


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