When many people get to be a certain age they start thinking about downsizing, or buying a house with less stairs. When it comes to bath time, many seniors think they have to say goodbye to taking baths altogether. Something they truly enjoy! Experts say, if you or a loved one is having a hard time stepping in and out of a traditional tub, it’s time to start thinking about a walk-in tub.

These walk-in tubs are designed to enable the user to easily step into the tub without having to raise their foot more than a mere couple of inches from the floor. They can easily close the door and seat themselves on the built-in special seat. At this point, they are able to undress without the fear of slipping.

With the door closed, the user can choose to fill the tub with water and take a bath. Alternatively, they may also use the adjustable, hand-held shower head that is provided, leaving the drain unplugged to allow the water to drain. If taking a bath, the water will need to be drained before the user opens the door to exit.

Walk-in bathtubs are the perfect solution to someone who loves baths but has a hard time walking in and out of their tub. For many, a walk-in tub empowers them with the dignity and independence of taking care of their own personal hygiene needs. Many walk-in bathtubs go beyond the practical, daily bathing needs. They can create a relaxing, and luxurious spa like retreat! Trust me, they are built to serve a practical function but to also be a beautiful feature of your bathroom.

Walk-in bathtubs feature a door that opens either inward or outward, depending on your preference. This allows you to step into the bathtub. You will no longer have to do a balancing act to try and safely climb into your bathtub! When the door is shut, its seams are closed with a watertight seam, forming the basin of the bathtub. This means you will not have to worry about any leaks!

  • Walk-in bathtubs are designed with a critical emphasis on personal safety, and ease of use. Built-in seating is one feature that is built into the tub's design to allow someone who is unable to stand, to bathe themselves.
  • The seats are built directly into the tub, providing a comfortable resting place.
  • Safety rails are an essential security feature that are installed on the sides and front of the walk-in tub, both on the inside and the outside of the tub. Additional rails can be added at your request, in preferred locations around the tub, to create an even safer bathing experience.
  • Non-skid strips are applied in critical, strategic locations along the bottom of the walk-in tub to provide better traction and minimize chances of slipping or falling.