Many homeowners have no idea what to do about their old, unattractive and moldy bathtub. For years they turn a blind eye to it because they’re intimidated about what it will take to get it looking good again. Basically, homeowners are left with two very different options. The first option is the expensive one. Having your old bathtub ripped out and hauled away and replacing it with a new one. The second option is known as a replacement bathtub. This option can save homeowners up to 80% of the cost of tub replacement. A replacement bathtub is also the best green remodeling alternative. Experts in the bath industry say that a new bathtub may cost as little as $300, but when you add the cost of tearing down that old bathtub, removing it, getting rid of the bathtub and all the fixtures, and then dumping all the mess including that heavy bathtub at the landfill, it’s extremely expensive! A replacement bathtub costs a lot less and benefits you by saving you the headache of dealing with multiple contractors. Replacing old tubs with new ones, also impacts the environment badly. Replacement bathtubs save valuable land space and energy resources that have been utilized in making new bathtubs and fixtures. Another benefit of going the replacement bathtub route is time. Your old, outdated bathroom can be transformed into a spa like retreat in just one day! Also, experts say homeowners often make the mistake of trying to refinish or re-glaze their bath system rather than going with a replacement bathtub. Keep in mind that this is a band-aid solution that will not last! Covering up problems or old colors with glaze is a temporary fix that will end up costing you more money in the long run. It may look great for a few months, but it will not last. Replacement bathtubs are available in a wide range of designer colors. You don’t have to choose the color of your old tub. Essentially, you can give your bathroom a new style, without breaking the bank!

Some other benefits of replacement tubs include the following. It efficiently removes away the mold and fungus from the surface of the bathtub and makes cleaning a snap. With low maintenance you can enjoy using your new bathtub for a lifetime!