If you’re really trying to sell your home, local realtors say you need to make sure your kitchen and bathrooms are clean and move-in ready. The problem is that many homeowners don’t have the time, energy or financial resources for major kitchen and bathroom renovations. So the question is, when it’s time to sell, how can a cash-strapped seller appeal to buyers who want an upgraded kitchen and bathroom? Realtors say there are three things that will help you sell your home, and they won’t break the bank. First things first, paint your cabinets. It would be too costly to go out and purchase new cabinets just before you sell. So a good compromise is to paint them white. It will make the kitchen and bathroom appear lighter, brighter and cleaner. A fresh coat of paint will give the appearance of new, which will appease many buyers. This can be done in one or two days’ time for just a few hundred dollars. After you’ve brightened up the kitchen and bathrooms with some new paint, throw on some brushed nickel cabinet door hardware. This hardware with the new white paint in the backdrop will make these rooms pop. Buyers’ eyes may be drawn away from the older counter tops. And, given that the cabinets are at or just above eye level, the hardware may be the first thing they notice. This is a quick and inexpensive update that you can do yourself. Next up, bathrooms should be sanitary places and a new buyer wants to feel comfortable with their new bathroom. Nothing is more of a turn off than a bathroom where the grout is dirty or moldy or full of soap scum. At a minimum, spend an hour with a toothbrush and some bleach and scrub that grout. This is something you can do on your own in just a half a day. If the bathroom is too far-gone, you may want to spend the money on a professional tile installer to re-grout the tile. This will make the bathroom pop, giving a new, clean feeling to this important room. Good luck, remember kitchens and bathrooms sell a house. Most buyers nowadays are not looking for fixer uppers, but instead want to move right in.