In this real estate market there is a huge selection of homes on the market. That means selling is a little more difficult. However difficult does not mean impossible, it just means you’ve got some stiff competition.

The first thing you need to do to increase the value of your home and distinguish it from other homes being sold in the neighborhood is paint. Even a subtle color change can transform your home. Think neutral. Tying together a home’s rooms with a sensible color palette, and unifying the trim colors can create a drastic difference in the feeling a person takes away after a walkthrough.

Next tip is to make sure you have adequate insulation. Homeowners often seem surprised at how reasonably priced an insulation upgrade can be, especially when considering how effective they can be in lowering heating and cooling expenses.

Now you need to ask yourself if you have enough closet space. Adding closets to your bedrooms can do wonders for a home’s appeal, as well as value.

Replacement windows are always a good idea. Instantly you‘ll save on your energy bills and you‘ll add instant curb appeal.

Often overlooked, lighting is great bang for your buck, and intensely important to making a home feel cozy and inviting. Updated fixtures can add a hint of style, and function as well. Task lighting appropriate to a room’s purpose, and general area lighting will bring warmth and comfort to a place. Recessed kitchen lighting is a popular addition.

And finally, make sure you’re landscaping is up to par. Think about it, if you’re landscaping is beautiful, potential buyers are going to want to come inside!