Nowadays, there is no reason to live with an old, ugly tub! In about 24 hours, you can have a beautiful, sparkly new bathtub. I’m talking about an acrylic bath liner, it fits right over your existing tub and can be installed in hours and used the same day! A complete bathroom remodel can cost thousands of dollars. A complete bath liner system is a fraction of the price, yet offers many of the benefits of a complete remodel. A typical acrylic bath system includes; new tub, new fixtures and new backing. All the elements that draw the eye when walking into a bathroom! Acrylic liners look beautiful, while saving you thousands of dollars. Aside from savings, convenience, and good looks, a big reason why many are opting for a bath liner, is quality. A bath liner is made from the strongest, most durable acrylic out there, and lasts the life of your home. Unlike refinishing or reglazing, which lasts a few years, acrylic bath liners are guaranteed to never fade, crack or peel. Maintenance is never an issue and cleaning is a snap! Just wipe down with a mild cleanser, it’s as easy as that! Liners also keep mold from growing behind your walls because there are no grout lines. It’s really the most maintenance free bathtub you’ll ever have!   Whatever look you’re after, tile, granite or a marble look, acrylic liners offer contemporary good looks with the benefits of today’s latest in technology and materials. You’ve lived with an ugly tub long enough, remember in about a day, you can have the tub of your dreams!