Stop living with your ugly, out of date bathroom! Updating your bathroom is no longer the headache of years past! Bath Planet is proud of our reputation as a company who offers only the highest quality products at fair and honest prices. Plus, we can transform your dreary and ugly bathroom in about a day! We will only update what needs updating. Everything else is just a waste of money. Let's say the walls of your shower are old, cracked and dreary looking, a Bath Planet bathroom wall surround will take your old bath from ugly to showstopper in one day! No more messy and lengthy demo process. It's fast, it's affordable and it makes updating your bathroom SIMPLE!

Each Bath Planet bathroom wall surround is custom manufactured and installed over your existing wall, which guarantees a perfect fit. Whatever you do, do not go out and purchase a "one size fits all" product from a home improvement store. I have a neighbor who really wanted to get bragging rights and save a buck or two. Well, long story short the actual purchase price did save him some money initially. Three months later, water and mold got trapped underneath. Greg ended up having it ripped out, and had a custom bathroom wall surround installed. Clearly, Greg ended up losing a lot of money in his quest to score a deal.

Don't waste your time and money. Bath Planet makes it easy. We are the leader in the industry because we use the thickest acrylic material available. It is non porous which means no mold and mildew. We also use a “triple lock seal’ technique which means we seal the tub and walls using 3 different methods that make it impossible for water to get underneath. Don't do what Greg did and learn your lesson the hard way. Bath Planet will take your ugly bathroom and transform it into a spa like retreat in one day. Never has bathroom remodeling been this easy. Ever.