There are so many ways to spruce up your bathroom(s) to really make it a space you want to spend time in. Gone are the days where bathrooms are just a throwaway space to take care of business. Homeowners now want spa like retreats they LOVE to spend time in. Oh,  if you are thinking about selling anytime soon you absolutely must make sure your bathroom is of showstopper status that appeals to everybody. Realtors say ugly bathrooms will kill a deal FAST! I’m not just talking about making sure you choose paint colors and wallpaper that will appeal to the most people. But instead, I’m talking about simple bathroom remodeling ideas that appeal to all homeowners and (buyers) no matter what mobility issues they may face. Bath Planet makes it easy and offers a huge selection of the MOST stylish products. Now, let's talk about some bathroom remodeling ideas that will help your bathroom achieve a high style but also comfort and safety. First off, most doorways range from 30 to 32 inches wide. Opt for a 36-inch-wide doorway to make it easier for people who use wheelchairs and other mobility devices to gain entry into the bathroom.

Next up, all bathrooms should come equipped with plenty of storage options. Rather than standard shelving, outfit your bathroom with between-the-studs solutions. Unlike normal shelves, these storage niches don't jut out into the space in front of the wall, which reduces the likelihood that someone will try to grab onto them for stability. This idea is probably the most practical and for that reason, it's a favorite among many! Walk-in showers make a striking style statement and are an excellent addition to bathrooms designed with universal principles in mind. With no lip marking the entrance to the shower, walk-in models allow people in wheelchairs or who have limited mobility to move in and out of the space with ease. Who doesn't love to relax in their shower? Outfit your shower with a wide bench to add loads of functionality. On one hand, the bench can serve as a perch for people with limited mobility to sit on while bathing. Or, when not in use as a seat, the bench can be used to store bathing necessities. Also, adding multiple showerheads will increase both effectiveness and luxury. Installing showerheads at various levels throughout the shower makes it easy for people of all sizes to scrub down. Include a handheld showerhead for people who might need to sit while bathing.

Now that you have some foolproof bathroom remodeling ideas that will give you instant style and safety, you need to make one or more of them a reality. You will not only love your new high design bathroom, you will be making a super smart investment.  Did you know that updating your bathroom will get you a huge ROI, (return on investment)? Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report indicates if you invest in a bath remodel,  you can expect a huge, ROI.  In fact, The national return rate is 88 percent!

Here at Bath Planet,  we are proud to be a trusted industry leader. We conveniently and affordably help homeowners update their bathrooms without the hassle of a lengthy demo! In one day, we will transform your bathroom into a beautiful, tranquil, high style and safe retreat. We ONLY use the highest quality materials available including the thickest acrylic possible. That's the Bath Planet difference!