If your tub sits unused day in and day out, you're not alone! In today’s fast-paced world, many homeowners and their families simply prefer the convenience of a shower. If your family doesn’t have small children anymore, and you find your lifestyle doesn’t include using the tub anymore, a tub to shower conversion is a great option for you. While convenience is a big reason why many homeowners prefer a shower over a bath, some homeowners have mobility issues. This means that taking a bath in a traditional tub is dangerous and downright scary. Instead of having to depend on a caregiver to help you get in and out of a traditional tub, a Bath Planet tub-to-shower conversion is the perfect solution to safe and independent bathing.

The fact of the matter is, a big reason why many homeowners are opting to convert their bathtub to a shower is because of mobility issues. A shower offers easier and safer access. A tub-to-shower conversion features a low step-over threshold. A traditional tub may be 16 inches or higher.

Not only will our product allow you to shower independently, it will also free up a good amount of space in your bathroom. When a tub is converted into a shower, the new bathing area is more spacious, allowing more room to move around in than a regular shower or tub. It’s easier to get a secure footing, and that reduces the risk of falling. Who doesn't want more space in their bathroom? Bath Planet is committed to giving homeowners back their bathing independence, safely and affordably. We believe in our product so much that we back it with a lifetime warranty. Many of our satisfied homeowners tell us they’re only regret is waiting as long as they did to make the conversion.