Depending on where you live, the current real estate market is slowly getting better. Little by little. Having said that, it's definitely still a buyers market. There is also a huge number of houses on the market, so if you want to sell your house it better be in tip top shape. If not, buyers will simply move onto the next house. It's as simple as that. Local realtors say, bathrooms are typically the biggest deal breakers. If your bathroom needs an update, you absolutely need to spruce it up if you want to compete in this real estate market. The good news is that bathroom remodeling is not as scary as it once used to be!

Here at Bath Planet, we make updating your bathroom simple and painless. If you've always wanted your bathroom to be not only gorgeous but relaxing as well, but were afraid of a lengthy and messy process, we can help! We have a complete line of both quality and affordable acrylic bath system solutions that can be customized to any bathroom or budget.

If you need another reason to justify the update besides that it will sell your house, you can expect a ROI, (return on investment) of 70-80%! How's that for an incentive? Here at Bath Planet, you can rest assured that all of our products including our replacement bathtubs and wall surrounds are made from a high quality acrylic and can be installed in as little as one day! That's right, one day!

Bath Planet does things differently from the other guys in town. We will never fix what is not broken. So many companies will try and tell you that everything needs to go. We believe that is a waste of money. If it's not broken, we're not going to try and get you to fix it. If your bathtub for example is dull, cracked or full of impossible to remove mold, we will replace it with one of our gorgeous replacement bathtubs. Our designers will probably recommend a fresh coat of designer paint, new hardware, towels and rugs. If that's all you need to get your spa like retreat, then we will help you get there.

Here at Bath Planet, we're proud of our reputation as one of the trusted leaders in the industry. We’ve earned our name because we offer high quality products at fair and honest prices. Our customers tell us, if they would have known how easy and convenient it was to get a gorgeous, spa like retreat, they would have done it years ago.