No matter how you look at it. Watching a family member or a loved one get older is never fun. Along with age comes mobility issues that make once simple tasks like bathing, extremely difficult. The problem is that a traditional tub requires you to balance on one foot while trying to get in. This is extremely difficult and dangerous if you are experiencing mobility issues like unsteadiness on your feet or vision loss. For some people, their vision isn't what it once was and a slippery bathroom can be a very dangerous place. Many times when our loved ones get to this point the first thing that gets discussed is selling the house and moving into a nursing home. Here at Bath Planet, we want you to know that it DOESN'T have to be this way!

Our goal is to help each and every one of our homeowners hold on to their bathing independence, safely and with dignity. Our solution is to convert your traditional tub into our high quality step-in-tub. No one wants to ask for help just to take a bath. With a Bath Planet step-in-tub, you or your loved one can bathe independently whenever you feel like it! No more talk of a nursing home and no care-giver!

Many of our satisfied customers tell us that our step-in tub changed their life. Overnight, they got their bathing independence BACK! Safely and affordably. For those who have struggled to get in and out of a standard tub, our tub is the perfect solution to help you eliminate fear and regain your bathing independence. Forget about trying to keep your balance while stepping into a traditional tub. With our super low threshold, all you need to do is open the tub door and relax. It's that easy!

Here at Bath Planet, we have made it our life's work to help those with mobility issues bathe independently and safely. We know you will absolutely love our high quality and affordable product which is why we stand behind it with a lifetime warranty. That's the Bath Planet difference.