It still amazes me how many homeowners spend all of this time and money remodeling every single square inch of their house but freeze when it comes to the bathroom. Sometimes an entire bathroom may need a complete bath remodel but often times, homeowners just need to fix what is "broken." Let's say the floor of your shower is dull, cracked or just full of impossible to remove mold, we here at Bath Planet can help! We have your quick and affordable solution. A Bath Planet shower base. That's it. If that is all that needs updating, we will ONLY suggest a new shower base. Everything else is just a waste of money and that's not how we do business. We've built our reputation as one of the trusted leaders in the industry by offering high quality products at reasonable prices. Plus, we are extremely fair and honest!

What I hear from most homeowners is that they put up with their ugly and depressing showers or whatever else is wrong with their bathrooms because they are scared that doing any type of bathroom improvement is going to take weeks and weeks to complete. Not to mention be incredibly inconvenient. The good news is that thanks to Bath Planet, you can update whatever needs updating in your bathroom in one day! Affordably and conveniently! Many of our satisfied customers tell us that they cannot believe how much updating their shower base has transformed how they feel about stepping into their showers. They used to dread their showers and now they look forward to them! With Bath Planet, it's that easy!

Aside from just increasing your comfort level, updating your bathroom(s) is a very wise investment. In fact, research shows that the ROI (return on investment) for updated bathrooms is around 80%! That means you'll get back around 80% of what you put in! Now, that's money well spent!