There is no reason that bathrooms need to be "throwaway" rooms that are ugly and forgotten about. Not anymore! Years ago, many homeowners would spend their time, energy and money sprucing up their entire homes but stop short when it came to their bathrooms. Why? Well, ten or fifteen years ago, doing any type of bathroom updating was ridiculously expensive and would take weeks and weeks to complete. The good news is that things are different with Bath Planet. We are experts at updating what needs to be updated in your bathroom. We will pinpoint what is holding your bathroom back and come up with a custom design plan to bring your bathroom back to showstopper status! For example if your walls are full of mold and cracks and just plain dull, we will recommend a Bath Planet bathroom wall surround. You won't believe how updating this one element will give your bathroom new life! The best part is that we are affordable and fast. That's right, we can transform your bathroom in about one day!

We here at Bath Planet, we are proud to be considered one of the trusted leaders in the industry. We've earned our reputation because we offer the highest quality products at fair and honest prices. Plus, we think that we have the most talented installers in the industry. Our bathroom remodel is a very clean and painless process. Updating your bathroom will not only give you years of enjoyment, you can rest assured that you are making a very smart investment. In fact, research shows that updating your bathroom(s) is the smartest way to add value to your home while bringing your bathroom up to date. Remodeling Magazine's Cost vs. Value Report states that you can expect a big payback on your investment. In fact, the national average return rate is 88 percent!

Here at Bath Planet, we have a complete line of both quality and affordable acrylic bath system solutions that we can customize to any bathroom or budget including a Bath Planet replacement bathtub or a bathroom wall surround. The best part is, it's affordable and fast. In fact, we can remodel your bathroom in as little as one day. Stop worrying that updating your bathroom is going to take weeks and weeks to complete. In ONE day, your cracked walls will disappear and in its place will be our beautiful bathroom wall surround that is made from an extremely thick acrylic.

Bath Planet Bath Systems: *Installed over Existing Bathroom *Will Never Leak or Crack *Industry’s Thickest Acrylic *Non Porous for Easy Cleaning *Can be installed in as little as ONE DAY! *Custom Designed to fit Your Bathroom *Lifetime Warranty

Many of our satisfied customers tell us their only regret is that they lived with their ugly bathrooms as long as they did. We will transform your bathroom quickly, affordably and conveniently. You won’t believe you are looking at the same bathroom! That's the Bath Planet difference!