So many people just never get around to taking a bath. For me, it sounds really nice. It really does. A nice warm bath, aromatherapy candles, jets, etc. I just never find the time to take a bath. Many people are the same way. Their bathtubs just sit there taking up space and collecting dust. Unfortunately many people don't use their tubs because they suffer from mobility issues, not just a lack of time. These issues usually start to affect people when they start to get a little older. It could mean a difficulty balancing or it may be that your vision isn't what it once used to be. Take any of these mobility issues and you've got a real problem when you factor in a traditional bathtub and a foggy and slippery bathroom. In fact, research shows that bathrooms are single-handedly the most dangerous rooms in the house.

We here at Bath Planet are proud of our reputation as one of the trusted leaders in the industry. We've earned our reputation by offering the highest quality products at fair and honest prices. We want you or your loved one to know that just because you have mobility issues DOES NOT mean that you can no longer bathe yourself on your own, safely and independently.

Our tub-to-shower conversions are a perfect option for you or your loved one. No more talk of moving to a nursing home just because you need help bathing. Our tub-to-shower conversions are a safe and simple solution. Many of our satisfied customers tell us in one day their loved ones lives were changed for the better. In one day, your fear from falling is eliminated and when your bathtub is converted to shower, your new bathing area becomes more spacious, allowing more space to move around in. It also reduces the risk of accidents such as falling or slipping and it is easier to obtain a secure footing.

Here at Bath Planet, we have made it our life's work to help those who struggle with mobility issues regain their bathing independence. Safely and affordably. Plus, our installers are TOP NOTCH and make the process so simple. In one to two days they will take out your old bathtub and convert it into a much safer shower, you can independently, safely and confidently take a shower in. With a slip resistant floor, grab bars, built-in shower seat, and only a 3-5 inch step. Our tub-to-shower conversions are fast, high quality and affordable. That's the Bath Planet difference.