Gone are the days when bathrooms are just throwaway rooms used solely to take care of business in. No sir. Bathrooms are extremely vital spaces because they are now 'getaway' rooms that help you de-stress in. Local realtors say nothing sells a home more than gorgeous kitchens and bathrooms.

Our goal here at Bath Planet [location]  is to turn your bathroom into the spa like retreat you’ve always wanted! If your bathroom needs updating, stop settling and update it. I am happy to tell you that we are known for making the bathroom remodeling process quick, easy and affordable. Gone are the days when doing any kind of bathroom remodeling project would take weeks and weeks to complete and be terribly inconvenient.

We have a complete line of both quality and affordable bath system solutions that we can customize to any bathroom or budget. If your tub is the problem our replacement bathtubs are your EASY solution! We can fix the ugly and give you a gorgeous tub in one day! Here at Bath Planet [location] , we do business differently than the other guys. We don't fix what doesn't need fixing. If the problem is your tub, we'll update it with one of our high quality replacement bathtubs.

Investing in a bathroom remodel is not only good for your enjoyment purposes, it's a really smart investment. Research shows that you can expect a ROI, (return on investment) of 70-80%! We specialize in transforming average bathrooms into gorgeous showstopper bathrooms. Affordably and conveniently. In ONE day!

There are so many benefits to our replacement bathtubs including:

*Scratch resistant

*Chip resistant *Stain and fade resistant *Water stain resistant *Easy to clean *Non porous *Custom Designed to fit your Bathroom *Lifetime Warranty

Here at Bath Planet [location] , we have made it our life’s work to help those with mobility issues regain their bathing independence and to help those with ugly bathrooms transform them. Affordably and conveniently. That’s the difference you get with Bath Planet [location] .