Getting older is not a very pleasant part of this thing we call life. It’s just not! It’s a painful process that all of us will eventually have to go through. Many people would like to age in their homes as long as possible. In order to do that, homes must be able to accommodate changing physical needs. One of those needs is the ability to bathe comfortably and safely without help from others. Standard bathtubs can be dangerous and difficult to enter and exit. Here at Bath Planet , we have made it our life’s work to help homeowners stay in their homes AND hold onto their bathing independence. Our Step-in Tub is the answer to your prayers. Simply speaking, it IS the answer to keeping you or your loved one IN YOUR HOME and give you back your bathing independence.

When we start to struggle with mobility issues, trying to maintain your balance while stepping into a traditional tub is a difficult and scary. It's the cause for people falling and injuring themselves every year. In fact, research shows that bathrooms are the number #1 place where most accidents occur in the house.

Many of our satisfied customers tell us that hands down, our Step-in Tub changed their lives. No more fear from falling and no more talk of "hiring help" or worse, having to move. Here at Bath Planet , we are proud of our reputation as one of the trusted leaders in the industry. Just because you or a loved one has trouble getting in and out of a traditional bathtub, doesn’t mean your bathing days are over! Or that you have to hire a caregiver or move to a nursing home. Ten years ago, mobility issues would have meant that. Not anymore! Our Step-in tub is your solution to COMPLETE BATHING INDEPENDENCE.

With our low threshold tub, all you need to do is open the tub door and relax. It offers easy entrance, comfortable seating, easy-to-reach faucets and convenient grab bars. Our tubs are made from and extremely durable acrylic, that is extremely easy to maintain. Ensuring that your bathroom is comfortable, safe and adapts to your needs as you grow older is easy with our life changing product. Just because you have mobility issues doesn’t mean you have to give up your relaxing baths! Not anymore, thanks to Bath Planet !