Do you watch those home improvement shows or thumb through a magazine and drool over those beautiful, well styled bathrooms? You probably think to yourself that you could never afford it. Not in a million years, right? Well, we here at Bath Planet [location] have good news for you! We are experts at bathroom remodeling ideas that look like they are extremely expensive but in all actuality are more affordable than you think! Many people wish they could remodel their bathrooms, but don’t want to spend money on a large bathroom remodeling project. Here are some bathroom remodeling ideas to make your bathroom look like a page in a magazine!

*Brushed-nickel, or oil rubbed bronze fixtures add a clean, reflective quality to the bath without the chill of polished chrome.

*Nothing makes a bathroom boring like lack of color. You can make your bathroom appear to have an all-new design just by adding the right amount of color. The trick is to keep it simple and not to over-do it. Think hand towels, art, and a complimenting flower or dish on the vanity.

*Shower curtains are one of the most noticeable features about a bathroom, yet most people just go for something basic. You can change the way your bathroom looks just by updating the shower curtain. If you have a shower door, keep it clean!

*Think green. Putting plants in your bathroom will give it an earthiness that most people forget about when designing their bathrooms. Plants are cheap and relatively easy to maintain.

*What’s that smell? A well-designed bathroom doesn’t just look nice, it smells nice too! Your smell can influence your mood and picking the right scent for your bathroom can really help it feel just right. Plus many scents add a nice visual touch as well.

*A clean bathroom looks more expensive! It just does! If your bathroom is cluttered or dirty, no amount of design work will make it pleasant. Put things away in the medicine cabinet, keep towels off the floor, clean glass surfaces, and wipe the toothpaste off the sink!

*A little extra work goes a long way. Rolled towels are not very common and your guests will be impressed to see them in your bathroom. White looks great if you have a neutral color palette going. If not, bold color can really make a statement and liven up your space!

*Your faucet is one of the cheaper things to remodel in your bathroom so if it is old and dull, consider replacing your old faucet. If the floor of your shower is drab and dull, a Shower base or Replacement bathtub will help keep things light and airy. Think about a Bathroom wall surround if your walls are an eyesore! These updates really pack a punch at removing the dated and ugly from your space!

I am here to tell you that bathrooms are no longer just rooms to take care of business in and get out. They are extremely important rooms! Our goal here at Bath Planet [location] is to turn your bathroom into the spa like retreat you’ve always wanted! We believe that our designers are the best in the business and will give you several bathroom remodeling ideas, you need to make one of them a reality. You will not only love your new high design bathroom, you will be making a super smart investment. A bath remodel will get you a large ROI, (return on investment,)compared to other home improvements.

Here at Bath Planet [location], we are proud to be considered a trusted leader in the industry. We conveniently and affordably help homeowners update their bathrooms without the hassle of a lengthy demo! In a day or two, we will transform your bathroom into a beautiful, tranquil retreat. It’s fast, it’s beautiful, and it’s affordable. That’s the Bath Planet [location] difference!