If you are like the majority of homeowners and never use your tub, why are you letting it sit there and collect dust? Everyone would love more space in their bathrooms, and an unused tub is a great way to do that. Simply, affordably and conveniently. Bath Planet [seolocation] has your SIMPLE solution. Our tub-to-shower conversions are the answer you've been waiting for. They are all made from an extremely thick acrylic and are built to last.

Here at Bath Planet [seolocation], we are extremely proud of our reputation of offering the highest quality bathroom solutions at fair and honest prices. Whether you need to replace your bathtub, shower or you want to upgrade your bathroom with one of our products, we have beautiful, low maintenance and affordable bath systems to fit anyone’s budget.

If you hardly ever use your tub, one of our tub-to-shower conversions makes a whole lot of sense. Here are a few reasons why so many “showerers” are making the switch.

*Free up some space: Unless it's a corner tub a bath is going to take up a huge amount of space in your bathroom. Showers give you the benefit of being able to be placed in the corner, giving you breathing space in the rest of the bathroom. This makes it less cramped, more relaxing and gives you the ability to use the free space for something else, such as a storage unit.

*Mobility issues. If you or your loved one suffers from mobility issues, tub-to-shower conversions will allow you to get in and out quickly and safely. On your own. Stepping into a traditional bathtub is difficult and dangerous for many who have a hard time walking and balancing.

*Convenience. It's obviously a lot quicker to have a shower in the morning before work than it is to run a bath. A quick shower also gives you a good burst of energy that sets you up for the day. Plus, if you ever wash your hair in the bath you'll know just how awkward it can be.

*Save water: This is something that's on everyone's minds at the moment, whether the reason is environmental or economical. Obviously the amount of water you use will depend on how long your shower is, but a quick five minute shower will use less water than filling up a bath.

Here at Bath Planet [seolocation] we do things differently than the other guys. We will ONLY fix what is broken. We specialize in transforming your old and out of date space into a beautiful and new one in as little as one or two days! Plus, we also specialize in helping those with mobility issues hold onto their bathing independence. Our product is perfect for those who have a hard time balancing on one foot to step into a traditional tub. We have helped thousands of homeowners transform their bathrooms into beautiful and safe retreats they LOVE. Safely, Affordably, and Quickly. That's the Bath Planet [seolocation] difference