If you are like most homeowners and never use your bathtub, why do you let it just sit there and collect dust? Think about it, bathtubs are quite large and take up a lot of space. If you use it, then it makes sense to have it. IF you don’t use it, it is monopolizing a large part of your bathroom space. If you’re thinking of converting your tub to a shower, you’re in good company. The American Institute of Architects says that the tub-less bathroom is growing in popularity. Its annual Home Design Trends Survey found that more than 60% of homeowners preferred a stall shower without a tub. With that said, if your tub never gets used, Bath Planet [seolocation] has your SIMPLE solution. Our tub-to-shower conversions are the answer you've been waiting for. They are all made from an extremely thick acrylic and are built to last.

Here at Bath Planet [seolocation], we are extremely proud of our reputation of offering the highest quality bathroom solutions at fair and honest prices. Our tub-to-shower conversions are gorgeous and extremely stylish. In fact, many say that they never knew getting rid of their tub would have such a transforming effect on their bathroom. Aside from just style, there are several other reasons our tub-to-shower conversions just make sense.

*Added Space: Showers give you the benefit of being able to be placed in the corner, giving you breathing space in the rest of the bathroom.

*Mobility issues. If you or your loved one suffers from mobility issues, our product will allow you to get in and out quickly and safely. Independently.

*Convenience. Showering is much faster than taking a bath keeping you on time for your busy day.

*Water Bills: It’s a fact. Showering requires much less water than filling up a bath.

Here at Bath Planet [seolocation], our products are ALL top-of-the-line and built to last. All of them or we wouldn’t put our name on it. We have helped thousands of homeowners transform their bathrooms into beautiful and safe retreats they LOVE. Safely, Affordably, and Quickly. That's the Bath Planet [seolocation] difference