Everyone deserves a shower that is clean, mold free and welcoming! If you are starting your day off in a shower that is dark, drab and depressing, we here at Bath Planet can help! If the floor of your shower is in need of a little TLC we have a pain free solution. It’s pain free because we can give you a brand spanking new sparkling shower base in a day or two. Plus, our products are all extremely high quality and affordable! In fact, our product is extremely heavy duty and durable. We use only the very best materials including an extremely thick acrylic material, which is nonporous and mold and mildew-free. Our shower base is custom fit to your shower, so you will have a perfect fit! Here at Bath Planet, we extremely proud of our reputation as one of the trusted leaders in the bathroom remodeling industry. We’ve earned our name because we offer only the highest quality products at extremely fair and honest prices.

Stop waking up and stepping into an unappealing shower! This is not a very nice way to start your day! It’s just not! If you’re sick and tired of your cracked and moldy shower, our beautiful shower base is such an easy solution. It’s just one element in your bathroom but it’s one that packs a big punch. Think about it. When you step into your shower, you do so by looking down. Looking down at an unappealing floor to your shower is not going to do anything to your mood. Except of course, maybe put you in a bad mood. Stop living with an ugly shower and start feeling uplifted every single time you step into your shower. Many of our satisfied customers tell us that since they made the investment they absolutely love taking showers again. In fact, it’s their new space that makes them feel like they are at an expensive spa! We can help give you the bathroom you are proud to show off. It starts with a shower you love to spend time in! A shower that makes you feel like you are at an expensive spa! It’s easy and it’s affordable with Bath Planet!