So many homeowners walk right past their tubs every single day without ever stepping in. You see some people are just not into baths. You either are or your not! So, if you are not, why are you letting your big old bathtub take up so much of your space? We here at Bath Planet, have a simple, yet extremely smart solution for you! Our tub-to-shower conversions are your simple solution to a more functional and spacious bathroom. Seriously, many of our satisfied homeowners have written in to tell us that they really regret waiting so long to get rid of their unused bathtub. While our product is perfect for those who are not onto taking baths, they are also perfect for those who are suffering from mobility issues. Our shower is so much easier to step into. No more balancing on one foot just to get into your traditional bathtub. Getting out is even easier! Many of our satisfied customers tell us they love having extra space to get around in their bathroom and they love being able to take a shower whenever they feel like it. On their own and without ever having to rely on anybody to help them get safely in and out!

Here at Bath Planet, we have a very simple way of doing business. We offer a large assortment of high-quality products and we have affordable and honest pricing. It’s really a simple formula, but most companies fail in at least one of these areas. If you really don’t enjoy taking baths or never get around to it, it's time to update your bathroom in a modern way! Our tub-to-shower conversions will instantly give your bathroom a great deal of added space. Plus, our tub-to-shower conversions are extremely high quality and built to last! They are all made from a thick acrylic that is easy to keep shiny and sparkling. Just wipe down with a soft cloth and you're done! It’s that easy! Plus, in one or two days you will have that extra space you’ve been looking forward to for so long. That’s right, our product can be your reality in just one or two days max!

We love helping homeowners get larger, more spacious bathrooms without having to add on. What we love even more, though, is helping homeowners regain their independence with all of their personal hygiene needs. Safely, affordably and one bathroom at a time. That’s the Bath Planet commitment!