If you or a loved one is beginning to develop mobility issues, we here at Bath Planet can help you! From our very first meeting, we will sit down and discuss with you what difficulties you are experiencing and ways that we can help. For example, mobility issues often make it difficult for those who are suffering to maneuver and function in a standard bathroom. We offer a large selection of handicap accessible products to help you with any type of mobility issue. Let’s say that you are no longer able to safely get in and out of a standard bathtub safely, one of our walk-in tubs is the answer you’ve been looking for. We here at Bath Planet want you to know that nowadays mobility issues are not reason enough to force you into a nursing home. Our products including our selection of high-quality walk-in tubs will give you back your bathing independence. It will also allow you to stay in your comfortable home as long as you would like. No one wants to be told they are out of options. That you have to sell their house and move to a nursing home. All because you can’t bathe yourself on your own. Well, you can now with one of our high-quality walk-in tubs.

We here at Bath Planet are extremely proud of our reputation as a trusted leader in the bathroom remodeling industry. We are also known as the “go to” company for safe and affordable products that help those with mobility issues. We refuse to put our good name on average products. If a dealer introduces us to a product and we find it to be average, we will simply walk away and let some other company put their name on it. It’s that simple! Our low threshold tubs, make it easy and safe to get in and out. All you all you need to do is open the tub door, step in and sit down. No more balancing on one foot to try and get in.

Benefits include:
  • Handheld shower provides convenient rinse
  • 360 degree water massage jets for maximum control and comfort
  • Air jets provide a relaxing, spa-like experience ADA compliant seat makes getting up or down easy
  • Patented no-leak door system provides safe, easy access
We know our products are high quality and built to last. This is why we proudly and confidently stand behind them with the Bath Planet promise. High-quality products that will give you and your loved ones back your bathing independence. It’s possible with Bath Planet.