If taking a shower puts you in a bad mood then we here at Bath Planet want to help! We have revolutionized the bathroom remodeling industry for the better. Simply put, we are the best at taking a look at your bathroom and pinpointing exactly what’s causing your bad moods! That’s right, if your shower is to blame, we have your EASY button solution. Let’s say your walls are in good shape but when you look down you are instantly hit with an ugly and unsightly image. Is your shower floor, grungy, dull and full of impossible to remove scuffs? If the answer is yes, our sparkly shower base is your easy answer!

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If you have an ugly shower floor, our high-quality and durable shower base is your answer! It's as simple as that! Many home improvement experts, including realtors credit us with making bathroom remodeling convenient, fast, and affordable. When we say convenient we mean it. We can get rid of your ugly and transform your shower floor with a gorgeous and shiny shower base in one or two days! It’s that easy!

The bottom line is that no one should start their day by stepping into a shower that is unattractive. No one wants to literally put their feet on a shower floor that is old, cracked, dirty and moldy. Times have changed, thanks to Bath Planet. We take the annoying out of bathroom remodeling. Our quality products will solve your bathroom blues, instantly. Our base, for example, is made out of an extremely durable acrylic that will last and keep its shine for years to come! We can fix what is holding your shower back and give you the shower of your dreams, in a day or two! High-quality products, expert installation, and fair and honest prices! We are so confident you’ll love your new Base that we back it with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty! That's the Bath Planet difference!