We all dream of big, luxurious, spacious bathrooms, but the reality is that many of us aren’t blessed with limitless space. In fact, many of us have a challenge on our hands when it comes to small bathroom design.

We love a good challenge at Bath Planet, so we have some space-saving small bathroom design ideas to make even the teensiest bathroom feel like more than enough room.

Nix the tub. When it comes to small bathroom design, showers become your best friend. Freestanding tubs will take up too much space and aren’t practical for small bathrooms. If you absolutely need to be able to soak, try a bath/shower combo instead. Check out some of Bath Planet’s shower systems for your small bathroom remodel. Consider a sliding or glass door. Rather than having a door that swings out, taking up valuable space, opt for a shower door that slides open. Glass doors are best for small bathrooms because they keep the room feeling as open as possible. Bath Planet glass doors all come with the BCI-10 surface protectant, which repels water for 10 years! Hang towels on a door. There’s no need to take up precious wall space with a towel bar — just hang it on the inside of your bathroom door. Stack two or even three towel racks vertically to take full advantage of the unused wall space. Or you can put a towel bar on your shower door. You can also install a towel ring holder on the side of a wall-mounted vanity as a convenient, space-saving place for hand towels. Wall cabinet. Hanging a shallow cabinet will open up your small bathroom much more than a heavy vanity. It frees up floor space, which gives the illusion of the room being larger. Make your cabinet pull double-duty to opting for a mirrored finish. Go for glass. Glass storage jars like these will make a small bathroom feel lighter, while providing some much-needed storage (and eye candy!) Store cotton balls, q-tips, bath salts, and more — so guests can easily find them instead of rummaging through your cabinets. Keep it light and bright. Dark colors can make a small space feel even more confined, so stick to brighter hues when it comes to small bathroom design. Light neutrals are a great choice if you don’t have natural light in your small bathroom. Try open shelving. Tuck your private things away in the cabinet and use open shelving to store the rest to make your bathroom feel more spacious. Shelves above the toilet work great for small bathroom design. Click here for some open shelf styling inspiration! Rethink your sink. The storage and visual appeal of a sink and vanity are tempting, but they can take up too much space. Consider a pedestal or corner sink instead. Pedestal sinks open up a small bathroom and bring a trendy vintage vibe into the space. Corner sinks take advantage of the underutilized space in your room. Let the light in. If your small bathroom is dark and dingy, a new lighting system can make a big difference. Update your lighting fixtures to bring more light into the space — you’ll be amazed at how much bigger the room feels! Get caddy. Built-in shower caddies are the perfect way to add some much-needed storage to your shower.

A small bathroom is like anything else — it’s all in how you use it! With a few of these small bathroom design ideas, your small space will be feeling more like that big, luxurious bathroom in no time!

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