You take a shower to get clean, right? Then WHY are you showering in a gross, unsanitary and just downright grimy shower? If the wall of your shower has seen better days, then a Bath Planet bathroom wall surround is just what the doctor ordered. However, if your shower floor is what leaves you feeling dirtier than when you stepped in, our sparkling shower base will have you loving your shower again! In one day (two max) we can give you the shower you’ve always wanted! A shower that you are not only proud to have guests shower in, a shower that you LOVE showering in! No one wants to take a shower and feel dirtier than when they stepped in. Nobody!

If you are tired of turning a blind eye to your disgusting, impossible to remove dirt, mold, and grime on the floor of your shower, we can help! Stop stepping out of your shower with dirtier feet than when you stepped in. Remember, we all take showers to get clean, not dirtier. Here at Bath Planet, we make bathroom remodeling pain-free and convenient! How can that be, you ask? Ask around, we are leaders in the bathroom remodeling industry. We only put our name on the highest quality products and we only fix what needs fixing. Many of these bathroom remodeling companies love to waltz into your bathroom, shake their head and tell you everything needs to go. What!? This is crazy thinking to us. We only fix what needs it. Everything else is a big ole waste of money and that’s not how we operate. If your shower floor is still grungy looking no matter what product you use or how many times you scrub it, our high quality, durable and ever so shiny shower base is your pain-free, affordable and convenient solution! It’s that easy! Our durable and attractive shower base will have you loving your shower again!

Our product is extremely high quality as its made of a strong, durable acrylic that will stand the test of time and still look amazing! The lustrous non-porous surface will keep its beautiful shine for years and years! It’s also a snap to keep clean! Just wipe it down with a soft damp cloth and it will shine! We know our product is a standout. If it wasn’t we wouldn’t put our name on it! It’s also why we proudly stand behind it with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty! That's the Bath Planet difference!