They say that timing is everything.

“They” also say that hindsight is 20/20.

When it comes to age-proofing your bathroom, most people don’t realize the perfect moment until long after it’s passed.

There are two options when it comes to setting up accessibility solutions for your home bathroom. 1) You can choose to act on it now, before you start having problems with your current setup; or 2) you can choose to act on it later, when you’re experiencing challenges.

When is the ideal time?

Let’s consider the “later” scenario:

If you delay pursuit of accessibility solutions until you start having problems with your current bathroom, you might have trouble walking up and down stairs to get to your bathroom. Or your balance might be shaky and you could slip and fall while getting out of the shower. Or you might have mobility issues and can’t quite lift a leg over the side rail of your old bathtub any longer.

All of these scenarios have one thing in common: pain.

Whether it’s the pain of walking up stairs, the pain of falling, or the emotional pain of having to leave your own home or not being able to care for yourself anymore — these are all uncomfortable situations that cause people to feel powerless. Once one of these tragedies happens, it might be too late to stay where you are.

Aging in your own home is a luxury that not everyone gets to experience. At Bath Planet, we believe in aging gracefully and safely by being proactive.

All of the above-mentioned bathroom-related pains can be avoided by addressing accessibility concerns now, before your current bathroom becomes problematic and the pain ensues. An extra measure of safety can be addressed by installing low-barrier showers, shower seats and our easy-to-grip grab bars. Our safety-minded installers work closely with our customers and understand the exact areas where it is best to install safety grab bars for bathing. Our customers gain peace of mind and can rest assured that they may bathe safely in private -- all while remaining in the comfort of their own home.

Bath Planet products are designed to be functional, safe and beautiful. We offer accessibility solutions that work well for people of any age or affliction.

When it comes to getting older, there’s enough to worry about. Age-proofing your bathroom shouldn’t have to be a concern.

So take a proactive step and look through our accessibility products today. From walk-in tubs to step-through inserts, low-barrier showers and even safety grab bars — we’ve got the accessibility solutions that allow you to grow old gracefully in your own home. Do it now rather than later. Your future self will thank you for it.