Six secrets of a comfortable guest bathroom Make guests feel at home in your bathroom

Have you ever stayed with a friend or family member and felt completely out of place? Whether the mattress is rock-hard or the bathroom hasn’t been cleaned in months, it always puts a damper on the visit to be uncomfortable in someone else’s space.

We have six tips to make sure your loved ones never feel this way in your home. (Well…when it comes to your bathroom, anyway!)

Here’s our advice for making guests feel at home in your bathroom:

Intuitive accessories. Sure, that fancy hidden storage vanity might look awesome, but it could be tricky for guests to figure out. Aim for everything in your guest bathroom to be simple and clear.

Practical accessories like shower caddies, shaving stands, and classic ring towel holders are easy to use and add lots of functionality to the space.

Universally appealing design. Design plays a big role in making guests feel at home in your bathroom. To please guests while staying true to your style, blend your taste with design that has a general appeal. Bath Planet Design Studio® is the perfect tool to test out bathroom designs before you take the leap and invest. You can see exactly how the space will look with different colors, patterns, and products, to find that perfect balance. Cleanliness. A fresh and clean space instantly makes people feel comfortable. Choose materials that are easy to clean so you don’t spend hours scrubbing the guest bathroom. This also allows you to quickly prepare for last-minute guests.

All Bath Planet bath and shower products are made with non-porous acrylic, which makes them naturally resistant to mold and mildew. You won’t need any harsh cleaners or heavy scrubbing — just wipe away residue with warm water and soap! (Read more about our acrylic surfaces.)

Ease of use. When you’re designing your guest bathroom, it helps to think about the people who will be using the space.

For example, if you often host aging parents or guests with mobility issues, consider accessibility products to make their visits more comfortable. Bath Planet has many options, from safety grab bars to walk-in tubs, that are sure to make your guests feel right at home. (Click to learn more about our accessibility products.)