No one enjoys the emotional and physical setbacks of mobility issues. Oftentimes, those who begin to suffer from mobility issues begin having difficulties in the bathroom. Maneuvering in and around the toilet is often difficult and so is bathing. This is where Bath Planet comes in. We understand that no one wants to hire a caregiver just to get clean and even worse, no one wants to be forced to move to a nursing home. We here at Bath Planet have made it our life’s work to help people with mobility issues, keep them in their homes and give them back their bathing independence!

Our Walk-In Tubs will single handedly give you back your bathing independence and help you significantly deal with your mobility issues. No longer will your mobility issues dictate where you live or whether or not you can take a bath whenever the mood strikes. Bath Planet products are in a class of their own. Clients say our products have greatly increased their bathing accessibility. Our Walk-In Tubs are game-changers! They are made from the most durable materials including extremely thick acrylic. Our Walk-In Tubs will give you or your loved ones back bathing independence! Imagine being able to step into your own bathtub confidently and safely whenever you feel like it! All you need to do is walk in and close the door. Typically when mobility issues set in, balancing is difficult. In a typical bathtub, you have to balance on one foot just to get in. Not with bathtubs from Bath Planet! Our tub is specially designed to enable you to get in and out without having to raise your foot more than a few inches from the floor.

Benefits of Our Tubs:

  • Hand held shower provides convenient rinse.
  • 360 degree water massage jets.
  • Air jets provide a relaxing, spa-like experience ADA compliant seat makes getting up or down easy.
  • Patented no-leak door system provides safe/easy access.
Take back your bathing independence quickly and affordably! It takes as little as one day! We here at Bath Planet would love to come out and meet with you. In under an hour we can develop a custom plan to get you back to bathing independently. Every homeowner is different and we will develop a custom plan just for you to best deal with your mobility issues. We are on your side fighting back against mobility issues and together we will win! No one wants to have to depend on someone to get in and out of the bathtub. In as little as one day, we will give you back your bathing independence. It’s what we strive to be the best in the business! That's the Bath Planet difference!