Avoid these bathroom mistakes at all costs Don’t be a rookie – learn from the renovation mistakes!

Anytime you dive into a big project like a bathroom remodel, it’s a good idea to learn from those before you.

As bathroom remodel experts since 1999, Bath Planet has kept a keen eye on the industry to notice trends of what people do right…and not-so-right.

Here are the biggest renovation mistakes to avoid in your upcoming project:

Not knowing what you want. Before you dive into the physical remodel, it’s important that you map out exactly what you want from your new bathroom. Consider the layout, the colors, the textures, and functions, and the accessories your dream bathroom will have.

If you go into the remodel without a clear idea, chances are you’re going to be disappointed with the end result. Contractors will be looking to the homeowner to guide the process. That’s one reason we offer our amazing Design Studio® software for free, so you can play with all the remodel possibilities to discover what you want before we come into your home.

Choosing the wrong materials. The bathroom sees more variability than any other room in your house. It gets hot, cold, humid, dry, light, dark…all in one day. That can be hard on surfaces, so it’s crucial to pick the right materials for your project.

Though they might look cool, skip trendy materials like wood or porous stone. Instead, stick with tried-and-true materials for a bathroom remodel that will last. The Bath Planet high-quality, non-porous acrylic was designed to hold up to harsh bathroom conditions, be easy to clean, and look great while doing so. That’s why we earned the Good Housekeeping Seal!

Not thinking about practicality. A bathroom remodel is a very exciting process and it’s easy to get swept away in the fun of it all. We get it! But you want to avoid the trap of getting too bogged down in the design of your bathroom and forgetting about the function.

Think through how your bathroom will be used as much as how it will look. For example, shower grab bars are an important safety feature you’ll want to have. Soap dishes and shower caddies will make storing your toiletries easier. You won’t want to spend hours scrubbing your new bathroom, so opt for a material like our non-porous acrylic that resists mildew and mold.

Not investing properly. There’s nothing wrong with remodeling on a budget. In fact, we’re big advocates of smart spending at Bath Planet. Just make sure that you’re realistic with your budget, so it’s large enough to invest in good quality.

The key is looking for something affordable, but not cheap. Never skimp on quality or service — it will only come back to bite you down the road. At Bath Planet, we strive to provide high-quality bathroom makeovers at a price that won’t break the bank. We also offer E-Z pay options and great specials.

Not having a pleasant team. Remember, the people who work on your bathroom will be in your home for hours or days at a time. You will have questions that you’ll want clear answers to. And there may be bumps in the road that you’ll need to navigate together.

So make sure your service providers are a good personality fit. There are many options out there, so don’t be afraid to be picky in finding the right provider. We take a lot of pride in our Bath Planet team — and the fact that our customers say things like “Thank you for showing us there are people in the construction business who can be trusted,”Nice people working for you, very talented,” and “I was very satisfied with the communication. If I had any questions or needed to get a hold of someone, they were there. Everyone was very knowledgeable,” shows us they’re serving our customers well.

To back that up, we have enlisted the services of an independent, third party vendor, GuildQuality, to survey our work after the job is completed. We are currently receiving stellar reviews of a 95% consumer recommendation rate. We also receive more reviews than any other bath remodeling brand. So rest assured that we keep a pulse on our customers’ satisfaction in the most honest way possible.

Spend some time up front making sure to avoid these five common mistakes — you’ll be happy you did! Learn more about our bathroom remodeling process if you’re ready to take the next step.