Stop letting mobility issues dictate your independence. We here at Bath Planet can help you once and for all fight back and win! Simply speaking, our Step-in Tub is the answer you have been waiting for. We are deeply committed to giving those with mobility issues back their bathing independence and dignity with a safe and affordable solution. Our Step-in Tub will allow you to safely take a bath whenever you want on your own and in the comforts of your own home. Often, when mobility issues start to surface, people have difficulties in the bathroom. One way that we help our satisfied customers is with our durable and high-quality Step-in Tub. It is one of our most popular products and has been a life changing product for thousands of our satisfied customers.

Here at Bath Planet, we are deeply committed to helping those with mobility issues hold onto or get back their bathing independence. Often times when mobility issues start to rear their ugly head, people think the worst! That they are going to have to sell their homes and move into a nursing home! Or, they are going to have to hire a caregiver just to help them get in and out of the bathtub! We here at Bath Planet understand that taking a bath is personal and that no one wants to have to depend on someone else.

In as little as one day, our product has given thousands of our satisfied customers the bathing independence they’ve desperately been after. No longer will you have to ask for help just to get in and out of the bathtub. Our tubs are designed to give you back your bathing independence safely. With our low threshold, all you need to do is open the tub door and get in. It’s extremely simple as well as extremely safe! All of our tubs come with an ADA compliant seat which makes getting up or down easy. Built-in safety bars and a slip-resistant floor provides an added layer of safety and confidence.

We are extremely proud of our trusted reputation as a leader in the bathroom remodeling industry. More than that, we are proud that many homeowners turn to us when mobility issues start to set in. We are committed to giving you or your loved ones safe and independent bathing options. Plus, we offer the highest quality bathroom remodeling products at honest prices. It’s a simple way of doing business and it’s the Bath Planet way!