So you’re thinking about a walk-in tub… Got a Q about walk-in tubs? We have As! Walk-in tubs have been around for a while, but they’re really starting to come into their own nowadays. They’re growing in popularity, in functionality, and in design. They look better than ever and have new features that perform like a dream. Are you considering one?

If so, here are the questions we’re frequently asked by customers who are shopping for walk-in bathtubs:

How do they work? The idea is very simple. Instead of straining to hoist yourself over the edge of a traditional bathtub, you just open a door on the side of the walk-in tub and walk inside. The opening is just a few inches from the floor so it’s easy for those with mobility problems to enter. We also offer the latest outward opening doors which make our tubs much easier to access. Are the Bath Planet walk-in tubs comfortable? Very! Many people purchase them for the therapeutic and recuperative benefits after working out. Others who use a walker, wheelchair, or crutches will find them especially cozy, thanks to our ADA-compliant safety seat. The seat is a comfortable height and has a supportive back to make bathing safer and easier. A hand-held shower wand also adds extra comfort and convenience to your bathing experience. How big are they? Our walk-in tubs are roughly the same size as traditional tubs. Bath Planet walk-in tubs fit into all standard bath openings. Installation is a breeze. What makes them the best choice for accessibility? Our patented no-leak low-threshold door, slip-resistant flooring, and stable seat base make our walk-in tubs a safe bathing option for anyone, especially those with mobility issues. We also include features like a safety grab bar and a handheld shower head that make it even more convenient. Will I get cold? With other walk-in tubs, bathers say they get cold waiting for the tub to drain. But with the Bath Planet quick drain system, your tub will empty in less than a minute. Not only will you get back to your day quickly, you’ll also avoid getting the chills. Are walk-in tubs only for people with mobility issues? No way. Anyone can use them! In fact, it’s a great idea to install a walk-in tub before you have mobility issues, to prevent unnecessary pain and frustration down the line. Will I like it? We sure think so! Many of our customers actually tell us they prefer their walk-in tub to their old tub! We’re so confident that you’ll love your new tub, we offer a lifetime warranty. Any other features I should know about? Our walk-in tubs come with 360-degree water massage and warm air jets. We infuse the water with heated air to give you a true spa-like experience. You’ll enjoy the penetrating deep muscle massage of water hydrotherapy and the soothing effervescence of an air bath. Ahh, it’s making me relaxed just thinking about it! Also available is the lighted chromotherapy option, which allows you to relax using colored lights to better control your mood. There have been famous case studies with football coaches painting locker rooms. The color of one’s environment greatly affects the mood of the person within. Chromotherapy gives you the option to relax using even one more of your senses. How do I learn more? Sign up for a free consultation with a Bath Planet specialist. We can answer your questions personally and share all your options.