Striking bathroom color inspiration served here! Breathe new life into your bathroom with color.

Color is an essential element of any interior design project. It sets the mood, it helps a room blend in or stand out, and it can drastically alter the look of the space.

If you’re starting a bathroom remodel or are just considering a fresh lick of paint, here are three hot color trends to get your creative gears turning:

Bright white. White colors reflect the light, which opens up a space and makes it look larger. So white shades are particularly perfect for smaller bathrooms. Shades of white have a very clean look to them, which is always a nice feature to have in your bathroom! Sticking to a monochromatic color palette provides a sense of versatility as well. You can add personality by adding colored wall art and towels, without committing to a permanent change. A word of caution: white isn’t for every space — make sure your bathroom gets lots of natural light, or your room can appear dingy. Soothing naturals. This bathroom makes a louder statement than bright white but still maintains a strong sense of neutrality. Achieving this look is simple —use varying shades of tones you’d find in nature. White, browns, grays, and sage greens are all safe bets. These shades naturally complement one another so it’s hard to go wrong as you mix and match! A neutral palette like this works because, in addition to being timeless, these colors’ subtle nod to nature makes people feel relaxed and at ease. Playful color. If you’re feeling adventurous, splash your favorite color up on the walls! A good way to balance bright colors and keep them from feeling overpowering is to incorporate a white bath or shower surround. If you want a pop of color but don’t want to commit to the full wall, use wall surrounds to break up the color, like in the photo. Or go all out and cover your walls in color from top to bottom — we always love a colorful bathroom!

You can get even more color and design inspiration from our Bath Planet photo galleries. And remember, you can use our Design Studio® any time the creative muses move you to design your ultimate bathroom from the comfort of your home.