If your tub is a catch all for your clothes, dust and unwanted items it’s time you made a decision. If you are not using your tub, why are you allowing it to take up so much space and sit there unused? We here at Bath Planet want you to know that you have options! That’s right, if you really feel that you are never ever going to get around to taking a bath and that it's your tub is taking up too much space, we have your solution! Our Bath Planet Tub-to-shower conversions are your solution to a more spacious and functional bathroom. Many of our satisfied customers tell us, our showers gave them a bathroom they have always wanted! A more spacious spa like retreat they love getting ready in and spending time in. Before, their bathrooms were merely a place to take care of business in and get out!

While our product is great for those who simply don’t enjoy taking a bath, they are also a safe option for those who suffer from mobility issues. Typically, when mobility issues start to rear their ugly head, balance is compromised. Getting in and out of a traditional bathtub is often difficult and dangerous. It requires balancing on one foot just to get in. Getting out is even more challenging because your feet are wet and slippery. Our tub-to-shower conversions are so much easier to step into. No more trying to balance on one foot just to get into your traditional bathtub. Our satisfied customers tell us they are thrilled to be able to enjoy a shower whenever they feel like it. On their own and without ever having to rely on a loved one or a caregiver. We have helped thousands of deserving homeowners regain their bathing independence and we would love to help you do the same safely and affordably.

Here at Bath Planet, we offer a large selection of high-quality products plus we offer fair and honest pricing. Our Tub-to-shower conversions are extremely high quality and built to last! They are all made from a thick acrylic that is as durable as it is beautiful! Plus, our products can be installed in as little as one day. Bath Planet is deeply committed to offering our customers the highest quality products that will change their lives at an affordable price. That’s the Bath Planet commitment!