If mobility issues are slowing you down and preventing you from taking a relaxing bath, we here at Bath Planet can help! We specialize in helping homeowners hold onto their bathing independence and their dignity. Our step-in tub is the answer you have been waiting for. It will help you regain your bathing independence and allow you to bathe on your own. We are deeply committed to giving those with mobility issues back their bathing independence, safely, affordably, and with dignity. Our step-in tub will allow you to safely take a bath whenever you want on your own and without a caregiver. Our durable and high-quality step-in tub is one of our most popular products and has been a life changing product for many of our customers. With our product, all you need to do is open the tub door and relax. Our dual-massage system surrounds your body with the deep muscle massage of a water hydrotherapy bath and the soothing effervescence of an air-bath. By infusing the water with heated air, you’ll enjoy a warm, calming bath that will leave you refreshed and relaxed.

Here at Bath Planet, we do business differently than all those other companies out there. We will only put our trusted name on the very best products. If a product or material just isn't up to our high standards we will simply walk away from it and let the other guys carry it. Our name means quality. Simply speaking, if you see the Bath Planet name on a product, it is of the highest quality possible. We carry a large selection of walk-in bathtubs that will fit into all standard bathtub openings while providing you with safety and convenience of step-in accessibility. All of our tubs come with a ADA compliant seat which makes getting up or down easy. Built-in safety bars and a slip-resistant floor provides an added layer of safety and confidence.

It is our goal here at Bath Planet to provide you with a beautiful, safe bathing option. We want to offer you and your loved ones an opportunity to remain independent and pampered at an affordable price. Many satisfied customers tell us they love their walk-in tub more than their old bathtub! We are so confident that you’ll love your new tub that we proudly stand behind it with a lifetime warranty.