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Ron 1 installer

My parents live in a rental home and was very scared and nervous when the landlord told them someone would be coming to do their bathroom. The installer Ron was very helpful and kind to them making them feel comfortable and at ease. Even though Ron’s only job was to come to the work for the bathroom he also helped my father from falling by moving something off the floor so his walker would fit through. My father was so happy for that and I am also thankful for it myself. I am thankful the company sent out such a great professional man to do the job. I would definitely hire him to do any work for my family and friends. Thank you much again for all your hard work and dedication. Way to go bath planet!

Bath Planet

Hi Susan, Thank you for taking the time to give Bath Planet of Detroit a 5 star review. We appreciate your parent's business and are glad to hear they are happy with your new bathroom. Thank you in advance for any future referrals you send us. Bath Planet of Detroit

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