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new bathtub with surround panels

last month bath planet installers installed a new bathtub with panels after removing the old green tile around it. That part looked very good. However the trim work was not very nice. I called Bath Planet and they sent another team, Kevin and his co worker James to access it. Kevin stated the trim needed to go. Kevin ordered other materials and said once he was done with it, we would love it. Yesterday, they came out, and once they we done with the trim, we were amazed. Thank you Kevin and James

Bath Planet

Hi Susan, Thank you for taking the time to give Bath Planet of Arkansas a 4 star review. We appreciate your business and are glad to hear you are happy with your new bathroom. We are also pleased to hear that Kevin and James were able to fix your trim with a satisfactory outcome. Thank you in advance for any future referrals that you send us. Bath Planet of Arkansas

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