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A Bath Planet Shower Remodel is THE Answer to your Gloomy Shower

I can't think of a worse way to start my day than to step foot into a disgusting, cracked, moldy and gloomy shower! Here at Bath Planet, we are the best at what we do! Transforming bathrooms into spa like retreats, quickly, affordably and with the highest quality products available. Many homeowner...

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Transform your Ugly Shower in One Day

Doing any kind of work in your bathroom used to be a pretty big ordeal! For weeks and weeks your bathroom would be ripped apart. It was a major demo process. Lots of workers would be there all hours of the day and you had to really rely on your other bathroom. Hopefully you had one! The good news is...

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Take Over your Bathroom and Stop Wasting Valuable Space

If your bathtub sits unused day after day you need to stop wasting space and take over your bathroom once and for all. While some homeowners love taking baths to unwind after a long day, others simply are "shower people." Stop letting your tub sit stagnant, taking up space and collecting dust. A [lo...

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Return on Investment and Remodeling your Bathroom

Over the years of being in the remodeling business, I’ve heard one question more than any other: “Will I get a return on my remodeling investment?” It is an interesting question with answers that are as varied as the type of remodeling projects available to a homeowner. The obvious analysis on a que...

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The Hardest Job

Remodeling a tub or shower is different than almost any other job in the house. Actually, it is kind of a combination of many remodeling skills, all of which must be perfect in order to attain the desired result. At first glance, replacing a tub or shower might seem like and other job in the home....

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