Welcome to the new Bath Planet Blog

Welcome to our new Bath Planet® Blog. We are excited to be able to share with you, and have you share with us, in a more dynamic, conversational, timely, manner through these pages and look forward to your comments! In this first issue I just wanted to spend a minute trying to explain some of...

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Return on Investment and Remodeling your Bathroom

Over the years of being in the remodeling business, I’ve heard one question more than any other: “Will I get a return on my remodeling investment?” It is an interesting question with answers that are as varied as the type of remodeling projects available to a homeowner. The obvious analysis on a que...

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Bathrooms: Partial makeover can make room seem fresh without spending a lot

By Susan Skorupa Reno Gazette Journal – March 26, 2011 In these economic times, remodeling projects make the bottom of the list of home expenditures. And bathroom remodels often are lower still. But as with any room in the house, bathrooms can benefit from partial makeovers or the addition of a few...

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The Hardest Job

Remodeling a tub or shower is different than almost any other job in the house. Actually, it is kind of a combination of many remodeling skills, all of which must be perfect in order to attain the desired result. At first glance, replacing a tub or shower might seem like and other job in the home....

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