Bath Planet CAN Give you BACK YOUR Bathing Independence & Keep you in YOUR Home

All of us are getting older. It's just a fact of life that we have to deal with. For some of us, we are already dealing with aging and the mobility issues. If you are lucky enough to not be one of these people, chances are you have parents or a loved one that is experiencing these physical difficult...

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Your Problem Tub Can be FIXED Simply, Easily & Affordably with Bath Planet

Stop stepping into a depressing bathtub. If you absolutely cringe every morning when you step foot into your old, outdated and ugly bathtub, we want you to know there is an easy solution! Here at Bath Planet , we can help you transform your "problem area" in your bathroom, affordably and convenientl...

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Our Shower Remodeling Process is FAST, AFFORDABLE & CONVENIENT

You've heard it a million time. When it comes time to sell your home, kitchens and bathrooms are crucial! Local realtors say that if your bathroom(s) are not beautiful, functional and up to date, they NEED to be BEFORE you list! Ultimately, you want buyers to envision themselves in your bathroom. Bu...

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If you HATE your Shower-- Potential Buyers HATE IT EVEN MORE

When I am looking at a house and I step into the bathroom, the first thing I do is open the shower curtain or door and check out the shower. Honestly, I really cannot think of anything more awful than peeling the shower curtain back and finding an outdated, cracked, moldy and gross shower. Even if I...

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Mobility Issues DO NOT Mean you have to SELL your HOME

No one enjoys all the changes that come along with the aging process. It’s definitely not the most pleasant of conversations, however growing older is something that needs to be discussed. While some mature homeowners seem to get around just fine on their own, many struggle. Years ago, as soon as ou...

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