When I am looking at a house and I step into the bathroom, the first thing I do is open the shower curtain or door and check out the shower. Honestly, I really cannot think of anything more awful than peeling the shower curtain back and finding an outdated, cracked, moldy and gross shower. Even if I really like the house, if the bathrooms are not updated, I want to immediately move on and check out the next house. I am not alone. Local realtors say, it’s definitely a buyers market and if buyers don’t like what they see they will simply move on to the next house. In this market, there’s probably even another house on the same block. What this means is that if you ever want to sell your home you absolutely must make sure the bathroom(s) are sparkling. Aside from getting a gorgeous space you love to spend time in, updating your bathroom is a very wise investment! Local realtors say, a dated and unsightly bathroom kills a deal more than anything else! Not only will your new bathroom increase your comfort level but your resale value as well. In fact, the ROI (return on investment) is AMAZING. The ROI for a updated bathroom is around 80%! That means you'll get back around 80% of what you put in!

With that said, the reality is that many homeowners would rather walk into a drab and unattractive bathroom every single day than do any type of updating. The reason is that many are afraid to do any type of work to their bathrooms! There is this fear that if they start any remodeling project (in the bathroom) that it's going to take weeks and weeks to complete and be terribly inconvenient! Not the case any more with Bath Planet . We are proud of our reputation as one of the trusted leaders in the industry. We’ve earned our name by offering the highest quality products at fair and honest prices. Plus, we never “fix” what’s not broken. For example, if your shower has seen better days, we will recommend our shower remodeling products. All of our shower remodeling products are made with a durable acrylic that is incredibly strong and easy to clean.

Our shower remodeling process is such an easy fix to your ugly shower. It's convenient, affordable, and quick! ! Many of our satisfied customers tell us that they used to dread their showers and now they look forward to them! We can help you transform your drab bathroom into a showstopper bathroom you LOVE spending time in! That's the Bath Planet  difference!