The U.S. Census Bureau reports that by 2050, the population of Americans aged 65 and older will more than double to 89 million, up from 39 million. This translates to a tremendous increase in potential clients for bathroom renovation companies as these individuals are getting to the age where they can no longer perform home repairs or do not want to spend time doing so.

We refer to this growing market as aging in place. More and more seniors want to stay in their own homes rather than going to retirement homes or communities. In order to make their homes safer and more user-accessible, bathroom renovations like grab bars, walk-in tubs, user friendly faucets and accessible shower seats must be installed. As the demographic grows, the need for trustworthy contractors to do quality work also grows.

Bath Planet is here to provide all of the necessary renovation solutions like converting a tub into a shower with seat or walk-in tub. In addition, Bath Planet can change faucets to add extendable showerheads that make bathing safer and easier for seniors. Bath Planet's products are also backed by the Good Housekeeping Seal, so seniors know they will be getting a durable, quality product.

Bath Planet is targeting this demographic as one of its fastest growing areas of business. Couple this demographic with busy dual income families and single professionals and you can soon realize the potential of owning a Bath Planet dealership.