If you have a aging mother or father, you know that bathing is often a sore subject. Most seniors will reach a point where their mobility is limited enough that they should not risk standing to take a shower. They should take a bath instead to avoid the risk of falling down and injuring themselves. However, for seniors with limited mobility, taking a sitting bath poses its own challenges: stepping over the bathtub’s side, lowering the body to ground level, standing back up, and stepping back over the side (with the entire area being wet or damp with moisture).

Most seniors are proud, independent-minded people. They do not like the idea of becoming dependent upon others to bathe. Many won’t recognize the danger and will continue to stand up for showers until they actually have a dangerous accident. If you or a loved ones is a senior with limited mobility, you should be concerned about safety in the bathtub.

One way to make bath time safe without sacrificing privacy and independence is to have a walk-in bathtub installed. Walk-in bathtubs feature a doorway so that the user doesn’t have to step over the side. Walk-in bathtubs are gaining in popularity for residential use as more and more people decide that they are worth the cost to maintain their privacy and independence. Walk-in bathtubs are perfect for seniors because they are thicker and stronger, and will not flex or wobble like other bathtubs. Also, the extra thick walls are warranted not to crack, chip, or show wear after years of use. Aside from normal cleaning, walk in tubs are virtually maintenance free.

Walk-in bathtubs allow those who are unable to lift themselves over the wall of the tub to get into the bathtub with ease. By providing handles and stabilizing rails, walk-in baths help to decrease the likelihood of falls and injuries. Walk-in bathtubs are designed for anyone who may have a hard time getting in and out of a traditional tub. Now you or your loved one will no longer dread bathing. Instead, those with a walk-in tub look forward to bath time.