Experts say updating a bathroom will be hands down one of the best home improvement decisions you’ll ever make. According to the National Association of Home Builders Remodelers (NAHBR), a remodeled bathroom is a highly desirable feature.

According to a recent Cost vs. Value Report (a combined effort by Remodeling magazine and REALTOR® Magazine), doing a mid-range bathroom remodel is one of the more popular home improvements. Homeowners can recoup an average of 78% of their investment.

If you plan on selling your house anytime soon, local realtors say in this market, you need to have updated bathrooms. The new standard for home buyers is move-in ready! While the idea of a new home has traditionally meant that a property may need a bit of work, a recent Coldwell Banker survey finds that most buyers aren't looking for fixer-uppers anymore. When potential home buyers look at homes, the first thing they want to know is if the bathroom has been remodeled, and if it is updated with modern amenities. Most home buyers like to see glass shower doors, adjustable shower heads, tiled backsplashes, and pretty vanities.

According to the poll, 87 percent of recent buyers said finding a move-in ready home was important to them. Realtors say there is no question that a bathroom remodel can add significant value to your home. Many homeowners shy away from remodeling their bathrooms because they feel that it is going to cost them tens of thousands of dollars and take six months. But homeowners need to keep in mind that home buyers just really want to see updated, they don’t care how long it took. With that said, you may just need to replace an old, moldy bathtub. Or is it your wall surround that has seen better days? If that’s the case, consider a high quality acrylic product that fits perfectly over your problem areas. No messy tear outs, and after you add fresh paint, new fixtures and accessories, you can have the beautiful spa like retreat you’ve always wanted. In about a day, for a fraction of the price of an expensive remodel!