We’re all trying to cool off, but when it comes to outfitting our bathrooms we all want the hottest designs. There's nothing like the change of the seasons to get you in the mood to redecorate, and the bathroom should fall under your room decorating radar for summer! From seashells to nature-inspired designs, you can create a fresh new look for any size bathroom. Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing:
  • Highlights from the seashore are the perfect match for a fresh, aquatic-inspired look. You'll find plenty of designs in carved ceramic, clean-cut porcelain, and simple but elegant rocks, pebbles, and other accessories fresh from the shore.
  • A splash of color will add a unique look to your bathroom theme, and you can start with a basic cream or beige, and work on a fresh focal point. Choose yellow, orange, bright red, or another bright and bold color palette for a cheerful morning wake up!
  • How about new towel bars and accessories. Even a slight change in the wall hooks and accessories can help you create a fresh look. Switch to chrome or brushed silver for a fresh and sparkling addition to the wall space.
  • A new rug can quickly liven up the entire bathroom, so take your pick from beige and tan designs that speak of the outdoors. You’d be surprised at just how following one or two of these tips can really transform your bathroom into a room you can brag about!