The bathroom is becoming one of the most popular getaway rooms in the house. No longer are bathrooms just a place to take care of business and shower. Homeowners are now incorporating high-tech options like mirror-mounted mini televisions and MP3 stereo systems in the shower. And spa elements, including showers that double as steam rooms, Jacuzzis and soaking tubs, mini-bars and warming trays for towels are all becoming must haves for the bathroom.

Although the sky's the limit, you can have a luxurious master bathroom even on a budget. The key is knowing where to cut corners and where to splurge. If your bath isn't functioning in a luxurious way, or your shower set-up is poor, or your sink faucets don't flow properly, the entire bathroom will seem cheap.

Many designers say, all lights should be on a dimmer, and a sound system goes a long way towards creating a relaxing environment. So don't skimp there. Installing electric heating pads under the flooring material is a nice touch. Don't forget the little luxuries, such as fresh flowers, wonderful soaps and body scrubs, scented candles, and a few super-fluffy towels. Follow all or just some of these tips, and you will have a bathroom you’ll love spending time in!