Does the thought of bathing Rufus send you into panic mode? None of us like smelling like wet dog, however if you follow a few tips you can get the job done in a snap! If you want a clean dog and a clean bathroom, you’ll need to follow a few tips.
  • Begin regularly bathing your dog from an early age. This way they will get used to the whole process.
  • Always make sure your home is warm before starting an indoor bath. If needed,  turn your thermostat up a few degrees. Get all your prep work done.  This includes towels, shampoo and whatever you need to begin the bath.
  • To keep your dogs eyes safe from suds, put a small drop of mineral oil in them. You can also place cotton balls in their ears.
  • Bathe your dog as quickly as you can. This will alleviate the stress on both of you.
  • Soap residue can cause itching and irritation to their skin. Always dry your dog off immediately, using a pet shammy or soft towels.
  • Use extra towels so that your bathroom stays clean, especially since most dogs will do the “big shake-off” after their bath.
  • Immediately after your dog is dried off, you’ll need to tackle the tub. Use a tub cleanser that has bleach in it, to kill any germs. A good scouring pad will lift the dirt, as long as you clean the tub as soon as the bath is finished. Soon, you’ll have a spic and span bathroom and a fresh smelling pup!