If you’re spending your mornings stepping into an old, moldy and dreadful shower or bath, stop. Get rid of the ugly once and for all with a Bath Planet wall surround. Many homeowners put off updating their old outdated bathroom because they fear a lengthy, expensive remodel. Not the case. Our quality product is the stress free solution you’ve been waiting for, and can be installed to perfection in just one day!

Local realtors say a wall surround is a great product because nothing turns off potential buyers more than mold! This solution makes a lot of sense for many reasons including it’s a lot more cost effective than ceramic tiles, which take a long time to install. Ceramic tiles take hours and hours to cut and apply the border tiles, then there’s mastic set up, and then a crew has to come back out to grout and sponge the joints. Plus, ceramic and grout will mold and need to be bleached over and over again.

We are a leader in the industry because we use the thickest acrylic material available. It is by far more durable than grouted tile, fiberglass, or other materials. It is non porous which means you never have to worry about mold or mildew. Plus, no grout means no mold or mildew, no yellowing, cracking, or fading, since no epoxy resins are utilized in the manufacturing process.

In one day we can transform your shower into the beautiful, relaxing spa like retreat you’ve always dreamed of. Don’t be fooled into choosing a “one size fits all” product that is made from a thin and cheap material. Bath Planet offers the highest quality product at an affordable price and we proudly stand 100% by our work by offering a Lifetime warranty