If your bathroom is moldy, outdated and drab, you can update it without a lengthy and expensive remodel. Homeowners say the reason they live with their problem bathrooms is because they fear that they will have to spend months living through an expensive tear down. Years ago, that’s exactly what would have taken place. However, the year is 2012, and we’ve got a great solution! A Bath Planet wall surround will transform your bathroom from dull to dramatic in as little as one day.

Our wall surrounds are custom manufactured and installed over your existing wall, which guarantees a perfect fit. Don’t be fooled into choosing a “one size fits all” product that is made from a thin and cheap material. We are the leader in the industry because we use the thickest acrylic material available. It is non porous which means you can say goodbye to mold and mildew. It’s also grout free so no more scrubbing and bleaching. Grout is prone to several problems, including fungal growth and deterioration. To make things worse, grout doesn't last forever. It deteriorates over time, sometimes requiring re-grouting. Luckily, there’s a non-grout solution available for homeowners who wish to have the appearance of gorgeous tile on their bathroom walls. We use a “triple lock seal’ technique which means we seal the tub and walls using 3 different methods that make it impossible for water to get underneath.

Our wall surrounds are available in many designer colors & styles, to match anyone’s color scheme and overall taste. Bottom line, we offer the highest quality product at an affordable price and we proudly stand 100% by our work by offering a Lifetime warranty.

Bath Planetis a premier national bath remodeling company, with a selection of walk-in bathtubsbath linersshower liners. We can remodel your bathroom in as little as one day.