Is you rarely find the time to take a bath, your bathtub is really just eating up space in your bathroom. If time isn’t the problem, but instead you lack the confidence you once had getting in and out of your tub on your own, you should consider a Bath Planet tub to shower conversion. We specialize in customizing and transforming your bathroom to fit your needs!

One of the hottest trends in bathroom remodeling today is tub to shower conversions. According to MSN Real Estate, bathroom upgrades add instant value to a home. Many homeowners are foregoing the tub when remodeling a small bathroom and adding large, luxurious showers. Showers are eco-friendly and use less water than bathtubs. Another benefit is that showers are easy to access, especially if a member of the household has impaired mobility. A tub to shower conversion will give you low thresholds, so that getting in and out on your own is no longer an issue.

Even better, research shows showers with spa features help to soothe aching muscles with multiple jets and handheld sprays. Our product can be equipped with grab bars and non-slip pans or non-slip tile on floors for safety. Bottom line, is that our high quality product will give you a bigger shower space without a major bathroom renovation project. In fact, our product is made from the thickest acrylic possible, and can be installed in as little as one day! We simply remove your bathtub and replace the tub surround with an attractive, durable extra-large shower.

Local realtors say, bathrooms can either make or break a sale. There’s no question about it. A nice, sparkling shower will sell better than a dingy and dirty old bathtub, any day! Our product will never mold or mildew because it is non porous. Even better, it is chip, crack, and peel resistant. Here at Bath Planet, we back our product with a lifetime warranty. That’s how much we stand by and believe in it.

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